• OurTrakr

    California LCSW Hour Tracking Tool and Career Resource

    Created by Associate Social Workers for the ASW community



    The most comprehensive hour tracker for California Associate Social Workers (ASWs) who are working towards becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).


    It tracks the progress of the candidate on their journey towards licensure. Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) licensure requirements are built into the tracker so that the process is automatically calculated. The tracker was developed by ASWs and provided at a cheap price to help people in the social work community to save money. Just a one-time charge. No monthly, reoccuring fees ever.


    What OurTrakr Does

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    OurTrakr was created by Associate Social Workers with the intention to support other ASWs on their professional journey. We provide a tracking tool that saves time and money while reducing anxiety about the licensure process.



    Let OurTrakr do the hard stuff for you

    Supervisor and Site Information

    Input Your Supervisor and Site Information

    Record every job and supervisor you have while accruing your hours

    Track weekly clinical and supervision hours

    Track Your Clinical Hours Weekly

    Just type in your hours every week and let OurTrakr do the rest

    Track progress and hours completion percentage

    Follow Your Progress

    OurTrakr tracks your hours and shows you where you are in the LCSW licensure process

    BBS LCSW Required Experience

    BBS Hour Requirements Built In

    LCSW hour requirements from the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) are automatically calculated so that you don't have to worry about any costly errors


    Easy as....



    Pick which version of the tracker you need (Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel) and add it into your shopping cart. Only a one time cost - no recurring annual or monthly payments.



    The digital document is sent to your email immediately upon purchase. Download the file to your device or add it to your online file storage. Hurry though - the download link is only good for 72 hours. Once it's downloaded, it's your forever!



    Input your information with ease and start tracking your hours using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Use online, offline, or both.


    Purchase and be on your way to full LCSW licensure. Save over $200 compared to other LCSW trackers!

    OurTrakr Google Sheets Version Tracker

    Google Sheets



    one time charge

    Developed on Google Sheets with all BBS hour requirements built into the tracker's calculations


    OurTrakr Microsoft Excel Version Tracker

    Microsoft Excel



    one time charge

    Developed on Microsoft Excel with all BBS hour requirements built into the tracker's calculations


    Click the image below to buy your tracker and save

    LCSW Hour Tracker for Microsoft Office

    LCSW Hour Tracker for Microsoft Office

    Hour Tracker with built in BBS requirements to calculate your progress automatically. Use offline with Microsoft Excel or with Microsoft Office 365 One Drive to use and autosave online.
    Coming soon
    LCSW Hour Tracker for Google Sheets

    LCSW Hour Tracker for Google Sheets

    Hour Tracker with built in BBS requirements to calculate your progress automatically. Use online with Google Sheets and never worry about saving your work. Google Sheets also allows an offline mode for editing when you have no wifi connection.
    Coming soon

    What ASWs have to say

    Ashley L, ASW

    "OurTrakr has been a game changer for me. It's saved me money and kept me on track towards getting my LCSW."


    Anthony R, ASW

    "I felt trapped to spend money I didn't have until I found OurTrakr. It's easy to use, cheap and I'm not paying to support some huge company."

    Latonya J, ASW

    "I am beyond grateful to have OurTrakr. Not only does it save me money, but it also saves me time and does the calculations for me. It's so easy to track exactly where I am with my progress ."

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